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Pet Memory Stones

DO YOU MISS YOUR PET? Order your custom-designed Pet Memories stone, a heartfelt gift all year long. Each Stone is Unique! Remembering YOUR special friend with Pet Memories stepping stones.

For the Newlywed

Garden Stones

Personalize your garden with unique one of a garden stones.

Diana in garden

Meet Diana

Meet this garden stone artist, green thumb goddess, and exotic bird owner.

This stone is so beautiful

Diana has made many unique stones for my family garden, both memory stones and designs of personal interest. The Thor stone is by far one of my favorite! I told her I wanted to include Thor’s hammer, Loki’s helmet, and lightning. She even made the background red for Thor’s cape! This stone is so beautiful and the colors catch the light. I couldn’t imagine a better way to capture my interests into my home decor.

Caitlin Duniven

A precious memory that will last forever

You are just the greatest, your work always gives me a Wow moment. Each friend that has received one of your stones still tells people how much it means to them and how you made each one look just like their departed furry friend.

I think that is the best compliment an artist could receive, and for that I thank you for bringing them a precious memory that will last forever.

Marsha Moore

Each stone has such an unusual look and feel

I just love the creativity and uniqueness of each stone that I have purchased for the three cats in my life.  Each stone has such an unusual look and feel.  Twinkles passed away about two years ago due to health complications…while Rocki and Ava are full-time employees at Nestle Purina working inside my work area on campus.  I love the cats and the stones…and so do a number of other folks as well!!!!  GREAT job Diana!!!!!

Tim Curran

Captured his “Roo-ness” perfectly

A new friend heard last month about the loss of our Roo, the intrepid little dachshund who shared our lives for 13 years.

What she did was this: Commissioned local artist , Diana Wolf, to create a custom garden stepping stone with a stained-glass image of Roo. It’s large (18 inches across), durable (solid, thick concrete with embedded glass), and uniquely Roo. I would have been touched by something similar with even a generic dachshund image on it, but this?

My first reaction when I saw it was “oh, it’s HIM!”. The artist managed to capture his Roo-ness perfectly, right down to his white muzzle and sweet expression. Priceless.

It deserves a very special place, a small Roo garden corner as a place of peace and joy, and so it will be; later this spring we’ll be doing some mini-landscaping and planting.

Mona Dodge Stout