Garden Art

The Path to Creating My Garden Art

I took advice from a masonry friend who was working with concrete.  I found out that concrete is not a very easy medium to work with.  With his help and guidance I have been able to successfully produce a concrete product that is durable and long lasting.  I then discovered the concrete leaves at a local art festival.  I met a talented man who mentored me in how to create a concrete leaf.  By taking a real leaf and placing it on a bed of sand, forming the concrete around the edge and enforcing it with mesh wiring, I can create a replica of a real leaf in concrete form. By using acrylic paint,  I then paint the leaves in a colorful manner.

These leaves are molded on actual leaves from my garden and are formed out of cement.  They are wonderful for placing on a hill, or on flat ground.  I put bird seed in mine, giving the ground-feeding birds a place to eat from. The squirrels love feeding from them too! They can also be used as a bird bath or a wasp/bee bath (yes, really!)  Certain leaves can also be used as a downspout splashblock. They are also great in pond waterfalls to distribute water.

I've found out that certain shapes of leaves are great to put up against a tree or a house to use as a backdrop for other garden plantings.   Availability of any particular leaf design is dependent on nature's offerings.

Call or use the contact page to find out what I have in stock.  Prices will vary depending on size and style of leaf. There is no additional cost for painting the leaves or discount for unpainted products.