New Leaves for the Garden

I’ve been experimenting with new paint techniques for the garden leaves and am SO excited by what I’ve created. Take a look at the photos below. (click on each photo to see an enlargement)

These leaves are available for $75-$80 each. Please contact me quickly to reserve one for yourself.

These leaves are molded on actual leaves from my garden or other gardens and are formed out of cement.

I’ve found out that certain shapes of leaves are great to put up against a tree or a house to use as a backdrop for other garden plantings.  Because I need real leaves to make my garden leaves, I am just beginning this season’s new designs and colors. My garden is OVERFLOWING! Availability of any particular leaf design is dependent on nature’s offerings.

Contact me with requests for your specific garden art needs.

To read more details about this garden art, visit the Concrete Art page.