Remembering YOUR special friend with Pet Memories stepping stones

Order your personalized Pet Memories stone, a heartfelt gift all year long

Each Stone is Unique!

(Check the gallery above for ideas)

Personalized Pet Memory Stones

Decorated with custom-created images and text, using hand-cut art glass and colored marbles

Pet memory stones are priced according to details of order.

Two sizes available —

Medium Stone (round, 14″ diameter) – more complex designs may need to be done on larger stone

Large Stone (hexagonal 16″ diameter)

Each personalized design offers the following (limited by size of stone)

  • Design customized to match images, designs, patterns, photographs
  • Text such as names, dates, messages
  • In cases of cremation, a portion of the ashes can be added to the concrete in the stone
  • Dog/Cat tags can be added in the stone

Personalized stones vary in cost, dependent on complexity of design and additional features requested.  Allow 3+ weeks as the stones require 10 days to “cure”.  Contact Diana to ask questions or to begin the custom stone process.  Emails are generally answered within 2 days, please try again if you do not receive a response in that time.

Your ‘Pet Memories’ Stepping Stones are Durable!

  • They can remain outside year-round
  • Wired construction
  • Three kinds of concrete are used, including Portland Cement for added durability
  • Stones may be displayed in an upright position or placed in the ground, as a stepping stone.

To ensure maximum longevity of your stone to be stepped upon, place in a bed of mulch, sand or soft dirt, free of tree limbs or rocks  another option Is to prop the stone upright against a rock or tree to create an even more eye catching display.

Contact Diana to order your personalized Pet Memory stone today!

Diana’s Basic Stone designs can be found at :

O. K. Hatchery   115 E. Argonne,  Kirkwood, MO  63122  314-822-0083

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