Captured his “Roo-ness” perfectly

A new friend heard last month about the loss of our Roo, the intrepid little dachshund who shared our lives for 13 years.

What she did was this: Commissioned local artist , Diana Wolf, to create a custom garden stepping stone with a stained-glass image of Roo. It’s large (18 inches across), durable (solid, thick concrete with embedded glass), and uniquely Roo. I would have been touched by something similar with even a generic dachshund image on it, but this?

My first reaction when I saw it was “oh, it’s HIM!”. The artist managed to capture his Roo-ness perfectly, right down to his white muzzle and sweet expression. Priceless.

It deserves a very special place, a small Roo garden corner as a place of peace and joy, and so it will be; later this spring we’ll be doing some mini-landscaping and planting.